Today’s B2B companies face daunting marketing challenges — target prospects are inundated with communications like never before, but they demonstrate historically low levels of awareness of relevant company brands and solutions. Succeeding in the face of these challenges requires a marketing approach narrowly focused on the critical pain points your prospects can readily identify while communicating meaningful points of competitive difference. You still need to tout your advantages to ensure you get a seat at the table; you also have to seed doubt about short-list competitors.

As a result, we focus on the analysis, insight, positioning and strategies that drive compelling marketing programs and create tighter alignment with sales. We draw from our experience working with more than 100 B2B companies to accurately diagnose threats and opportunities as well as prescribe meaningful strategic and tactical changes.

With our experience and methodologies, sorting out an appropriate course of action for your needs can be accomplished quickly and getting started requires little ramp time and initial commitment of resources.

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