Rick Walsworth
Director Product Marketing, EMC Corporation >>
“Once contacted, the GMG team came in and rapidly assessed our needs, then put together a program that focused on solution positioning from the customer perspective. They completed the project with amazing efficiency and worked diligently to ensure that the data was captured accurately, interpreting and presenting the analysis in a manner that is very actionable.”

Daniel Klein
Vice President and Practice Leader, Forrester Research >>
“At Forrester, the first of our five stated values is “Client”. We fanatically work to help our clients be successful in a complex world. To ensure that a new product offering reflected this value, we turned to Gib and GMG for primary research and actionable analysis that was instrumental in shaping our go-to-market strategies.”

Tim Clifford
President and CEO, Workscape, Inc. >>
“Gib helped us really understand where our prospects were feeling pain and how we could tell our story in a way that really differentiated us as the provider who could solve their problems best. His findings and presentation were convincing to us and have been born out in the market with new client prospects.”

Yariv Alpher
Vice President of Primary Research, CA >>
“Gib brings a tremendous amount of insight and expertise into understanding the needs and perceptions of clients and prospects – and are extremely instrumental in turning that insight into actionable and usable marketing. Working with us in close strategic partnership, GMG’s contribution is consistently of the highest quality and value. What’s more, they are simply a pleasure to work with.”

Karen McPhillips
Vice President of Marketing, Iron Mountain Digital >>
“GMG Insights is seen as a strategic partner of choice at Iron Mountain. When I recommend GMG to colleagues, I tell them ‘GMG understands the fundamentals of marketing and they aren’t afraid to tell you the truth even if they know it’s not what you want to hear.’”

Mary-Katherine McCarey
Vice President of Marketing, Ipswitch Software

“We needed to re-evaluate how we were positioning and messaging our core products after years of following the same blueprint. GMG has such deep experience in the infrastructure space that they were able to jump right in and create a qualitative study that exposed the changes in perceptions, challenges and pain points that our prospects were encountering. GMG’s analysis and recommendations lead us to completely revamp our messaging. The new messaging produced a 38% open rate on the very first campaign.”

Steve Gray
VP Corporate Marketing and Communications, Kronos, Inc. >>
“These guys helped us get to a place we never would have gotten on our own. They offer the fresh, grounded perspective and analysis that gets at the heart of your key points of difference and competitive advantage. When you’re venturing someplace you haven’t been before, it’s always helpful to have an experienced guide.”

Steve Lynch
Former Executive Creative Director, Digitas >>
“Gib is the best I’ve worked with at finding the key point that will hook a prospect and get them to respond to a marketing message. No one knows B2B messaging and strategy like he does.”

Therese Leboffe
VP of Corporate Marketing, AspenTech >>
“Gib Trub is a strategic marketing sleuth par excellence. He brings a smack-between-the-eyes clarity to positioning that everyone can rally behind.”

Joel Radford
Vice President Marketing, Mercury Computer Systems >>
“I have worked with Gib on customer research, brand strategy, creative concepts, and internal communication strategies. His insights shed a new light on our internally generated perspectives, and I value his ability to help build a bridge between strategy and execution.”

Robin Saitz
SVP Solutions Marketing, PTC >>
“We got great value out of the GMG persona process. It was very collaborative. GMG engaged everyone in the exercises and we are now actively making better marketing decisions that affect both what we say and where we say it. We’ve completed this process 5 times now with GMG and it keeps getting better”

Mike Mitsock
CMO, Tele Atlas >>
“Gib helped us focus on the current and future market drivers that played to our competitive strengths and produced a direction that was embraced by every member of our worldwide leadership team.”