When Do I Use Qualitative Research?

When your organization is looking to learn more about customer and prospect intentions, perceptions and drivers, qualitative research tools can be invaluable. Some options include in-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus groups.


IDIs are a powerful learning tool. By having third parties speak one-on-one with customers, prospects or analysts, organizations can gain insights into a range of perceptions and behaviors. Since the most revealing information comes from questions “off-the-script”, IDIs require experienced, skilled interviewers who listen well, synthesize information quickly and are comfortable yet respectful while probing deeper. The GMG Insights management team personally conducts these interviews along with our team of carefully selected senior-level executives with whom we have worked for years.

Focus groups

B2B focus groups are an extremely versatile research tool. Whether conducted at a facility or online, in the US or across the globe, focus groups give organizations the opportunity to explore the perceptions and beliefs that drive decision makers. Truly effective focus groups are dependent upon getting the right people in the room and having the right moderator guiding, focusing, expanding and exploring with the respondents. Recruiting for B2B groups is especially problematic; titles and responsibilities vary widely among organizations and finding your particular target requires an in-depth screener with precise questions about responsibilities, level of involvement and reporting structure. Once your targets are in the room only a seasoned moderator with deep experience in your vertical market will get the information your organization needs. GMG Insights partners with recruiters and focus group facilities that have earned our trust and respect.

As new ways of communication evolve, so do qualitative research techniques. GMG is experienced in new techniques such as online discussion board group, virtual online focus groups, buzzer in hand focus groups or mobile research and recommends them when appropriate.