GMG Insights offers voice of the customer analysis, research and strategy services for companies with complex B2B sales. Our deep market intelligence, based on data from thousands of B2B decision-makers and influencers, gives us a unique perspective and an ability to help clients understand purchase and marketing dynamics from any point of view. We work with clients to develop marketing strategies, positioning and messaging designed to attack competitive weaknesses, leverage competitive strengths, and most importantly, get results.

Organizations have different needs, and different resources. Each engagement with GMG Insights is tailored to achieve your goals with the resources available. For some organizations, a marketing strategy workshop with key constituents including sales is all that is required to get on track. Others may want to better understand customer needs, pain points or purchase drivers, and GMG Insights in-depth interviews with customers and prospects provide the necessary insight. For organizations facing more challenging marketing issues, we create a more extensive process, starting with a positioning workshop then undertaking comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research studies.

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