Introducing GMG’s Rapid Immersion PersonaSM

GMG’s Rapid Immersion PersonaSM process provides clients with a best practice approach to persona development; one that maximizes the discovery of actionable information with minimal impact on marketing team resources.

Ownership and Engagement

The Rapid Immersion PersonaSM process enables full team engagement and ownership without requiring time commitments that interrupt your team’s flow of work or focus on other critical initiatives.callout1

Persona evangelists like Pragmatic Marketing and SiriusDecisions preach the need to “own” the process, but when you are already working at more than full capacity how can you realistically make that happen? Trying to recruit, interview, capture the relevant findings and reach consensus on a final draft with a lean, overtaxed staff typically ends up with frustration and delays. Our Rapid Immersion PersonaSM process removes those obstacles and provides an engaging process and full team ownership of the end result.

An Exercise with a Clear Payback

Another key differentiator in a GMG persona is the inclusion of specific insights that can drive actionable behavior for both sales and marketing, including:

PTC Challenge Sort
PTC Software Lifecycle Management Team Comparing U.S.and German Participants
  • media selection
  • timing for sales calls
  • direction for content creation
  • decision making for trade show and event participation
  • creative direction for solution messaging
  • alignment with the purchase process



Sales and Marketing Alignment

Perhaps the greatest benefit is the establishment of a common touchstone that marketing can use to align with sales, even when isolated customer feedback or an internal focused perspective threatens to derail strategies or tactical programs.

Typical Issues with Personas


Your team already has a full plate of programs to develop and execute. While the ideal would be for them to recruit and quote_boxconduct the interviews and write the personas themselves, there is simply not enough time to make that happen.


Getting cross-organizational buy-in on marketing direction can be tough and the biggest disconnect often occurs with sales. The direct connection sales has with the end buyer can skew their perspective toward learnings based on a smaller data set that often doesn’t sync with marketing intelligence based on a broader market perspective. Without a common framework it can be hard to stay on track.


Often companies become so engaged in the persona development process, they don’t put enough time into interpreting the personas to determine actionable next steps. Personas can yield vital information for budget allocation, creative execution, sales tool development, even media buys.


With a direct pipeline to customers and prospects, teams often believe recruiting will be easy. Recruiting at an event like a user group or trade show seems to make sense but if the target for the Persona is a mid to senior level manager the likelihood of them actually attending is slim and none. Recruiting has gotten tougher than ever before and it takes concentrated time and effort to identify, contact, screen and recruit the right people for interviews.

PTC Persona Stickering
Guiding the Team Through the Challenge Sort

A Streamlined Process

INPUT SESSION: In a brief initial meeting, GMG collaborates with the marketing team to identify targets and customize a discussion guide for interviews.

PERSONA INTERVIEWS: GMG executives can conduct all of the interviews or split the task with team members. The full team receives interview transcripts to review and absorb.callout2

WORKSHOP: During a one-day workshop, team members work together to determine persona attributes and characteristics from the interview notes and participate in exercises designed to highlight key goals, priorities and challenges with direct quotes from the interviews. GMG facilitates the workshop and writes the persona based on the workshop findings for team review.

DELIVERABLE:A written persona reviewed and approved by the team, capturing the key characteristics, goals, business priorities, challenges and typical purchase process for the target.

We invite you to contact us so that we can learn about your organization and its needs and see how we might help.