Iron Mountain, a $3 billion (Fortune 1000) information management company, planned to bundle some of its previously distinct physical and digital products and services. Marketing and sales were asked to combine forces and develop unified positioning and messages that could be used to create unique, differentiated sales tools and marketing materials.


GMG participated in workshops with sales and marketing, contributing insights gathered through years of research with the targets. GMG then tested the resulting positioning and messaging via in depth phone interviews and focus groups with target audiences. Finally, GMG revised the messaging to reflect the research learnings and presented it to Iron Mountain sales and marketing leadership.


Iron Mountain used the revised positioning and messaging in new sales tools and marketing materials and to launch the new “bundles” on an accelerated schedule. Both marketing and sales had ownership in the positioning and messaging process and embraced the final language adopted, which lead to broad acceptance and consistent use of the messages and materials throughout the sales and marketing process.