EMC was ready to go to market with a fresh take on IT reporting – a new application development platform that enabled non-developers to use “mashup” technology to quickly and easily create customized reporting dashboards from any data source. The platform fell outside of EMC’s traditional storage management category and the platform name had the burden of conveying EMC’s entry into this new space.


GMG worked with its seasoned creative team to generate descriptive names for the EMC mashup platform. The GMG team explored names that conveyed key benefits of the platform – ease of use, ease of development, customized reporting and a single database view. EMC selected 5 names to test. GMG recruited VPs and Directors of IT at organizations with complex infrastructures, who had difficulty quickly generating reports on multiple systems and delivering them in multiple formats based on the preferences of C-level executives. GMG conducted in depth phone interviews and presented the naming choices along with a description of the platform to the participants.


Respondents overwhelmingly preferred DataBridge both intuitively and when matching the names to the solution descriptor. They interpreted the name to provide a connection to dissimilar systems to share disparate data. When EMC was disclosed as the research sponsor, respondents believed the name DataBridge would indicate a solution outside of EMC’s traditional storage niche. As a result of the research, EMC selected EMC DataBridge as the name of its new platform. EMC successfully introduced the DataBridge application development platform at its annual EMC World conference.