Forrester Research acquired the only true B2B marketing communications analysis solution in the market, Strategic Oxygen. While B2C solutions are ubiquitous, the B2B audience had no awareness or expectation of this type of solution. Forrester needed to develop a sound go-to-market strategy, including a thorough exploration of the potential target audiences, to craft positioning and messaging that would both introduce this unique solution and convey its direct applicability to the challenges faced by Forrester’s targets in the B2B market.


After input from the Forrester marketing and sales teams, GMG began by conducting interviews with early adopters of the technology as well as prospects who had conducted a demo of the tool and chosen not to purchase. With that base of knowledge GMG developed a research methodology to test language, value propositions, solution descriptors and hypotheses for critical pain points and adoption triggers through a series of in depth interviews and focus groups with prospects at both the VP and Manager levels.


GMG’s research revealed a wide chasm between the VPs’ and Managers’ perceptions of marketing objectives, information gaps, solution need and areas of weakness in their current marketing programs. Based on that learning and GMG’s detailed report on the language, value propositions and category descriptors that resonated most strongly with the target audiences, Forrester has been able to craft effective targeted messaging and a resonant position for Tech Marketing Navigator.