Among CA’s many acquisitions were two top solutions in the Applications Performance Management (APM) and Product and Portfolio Management (PPM) spaces (Wily and Clarity). As part of an adoption of a master brand strategy, CA needed to assess the existing equity in both Wily and Clarity to win over brand loyalists from each acquired company and formulate a successful brand transition plan.


GMG conducted a worldwide quantitative study that measured:

  • overall brand awareness and preference for all appropriate competitive companies in both technology spaces
  • the impact on interest level and purchase intent when a master corporate brand was added onto the product brand, i.e., CA Wily vs. Wily
  • receptivity to descriptive names (PPM or APM) vs. the established brand names and then compared the preference for descriptive names against competitors’ solution names.


GMG’s research revealed strong awareness and equity in both the Clarity and Wily brands, but the most significant finding was that the value of both brands was enhanced by the clear inclusion of the CA brand. Additionally it showed that even Clarity and Wily customers were open to the transition to a master brand naming structure that only included the CA brand and a category descriptor (CA PPM vs. CA Clarity). With an understanding of the strength and equity in all of the brands and marketplace permission to evolve the brands, CA had the evidence necessary to gain buy in from the affected BUs and create a long term transition plan.