Ipswitch Software has long been a leader in providing network monitoring and management tools to the SOHO and SMB market sectors. With the addition of new functionality to the core WhatsUpGold platform, Ipswitch wanted to understand if there was an opportunity in the mid-market and if so, how best to position and message the solution.


After conducting more than 100 studies in the infrastructure management space over the past 5 years, GMG was able to quickly jump in and create a qualitative study targeted at the managers and directors of network and infrastructure management. Additionally, GMG interviewed VAR partners in Europe to assess their interest in selling the solution and get their feedback on their customers’ needs.


GMG provided a report detailing the perceived needs of the new market segment which exposed the changes in perceptions, challenges and pain points that would need to be addressed. GMG additionally provided specific direction for positioning, an elevator pitch, the intro to a sales meeting and individual messages for outbound campaigns. Armed with that information Ipswitch completely revamped their messaging. The new messaging produced a 38% open rate on the very first campaign.